Hi, I’m Sia Mohajer.

Founder of MarketMonkey

I started the monkey to help
local businesses connect with new customers and strengthen existing relationships.  As a business your number one goal is increasing your customer base and improving user experience.

Your success is ours too.

The Internet is changing.

More companies are focusing on great SEO to help them find new customers. When it comes to ROI, nothing beats SEO.
Consider these facts:

  • Connector.Connector.

    68% of Customers Look Online First

    More and more people turn to online information to find the products and services they need. This number will only increase in the future.

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    40 % of Customers Check Online Reviews Before Purchase

    Product reviews are becoming more ubiquitous. Customers trust them. Reviews help your business stand out and convey trust.

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    SEO Is the Cheapest Way to Acquire New Customers

    The money invested in great long-term SEO reaps huge future dividends. SEO provides the cheapest form of new customer acquisition.

Companies that don’t build great online brand presence will be less relevant in the future. It’s a sad, but true fact.

The digital world is changing and companies that embrace that change will be on the forefront. 

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    Big Players Will Dominate Future SEO

    Corporate players are usually the last to adopt new marketing trends. We’re seeing more and more huge corporate entities focus on SEO. As they move in it will become a lot harder for local businesses.

  • Connector.

    Online Marketing Will Only Get More Expensive

    As more companies realize that the ROI on great SEO is phenomenal, online marketing costs will increase. There will always be low-cost SEO providers, but… you get what you pay for. 🙁

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    SEO Is Increasingly More Complicated

    The old days of just throwing thousands of links at a website and watching it rank are over. Now we live in the era of the ever smarter Googlebot. Old SEO tactics, even from a year or two ago, can get your website in serious trouble.

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