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Few people understand and implement SEO as well as Sia. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on a handful of projects now and I’ve always been impressed with the solutions and strategies he provides. BUT it is his ability to execute said ideas and strategies that really sets him apart from any other SEO I have met.Matthew Davison - SEM of Vibescout
Sia is undoubtedly a game changer when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. He is one of the best SEO professionals you can find anywhere, and is always on top of his game. Working with Sia has been a pleasure, as no-one comes close to the level of expertise Sia has when it comes to search engine optimization. Highly recommended!!Mohsin Baig - Owner of Iflex Studios
No BS SEO that works. Market Monkey brings leading SEO knowledge and scaled link-building to another level.Dan Fries - Owner of WinBound Digital

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Why You Need Great SEO

The anatomy of great search engine optimization.

How Bad SEO Works

Most businesses don’t understand what SEO is. This often leads to some seriously bad decisions.

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    Spammy Links

    The days of creating tons of cheap links via link building tools are done. This is a Penguin penalty waiting to happen.

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    Overoptimized Content

    Stuffing keywords and over optimizing content for Google is asking for a Panda penalty that will knock you off the front page..

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    Foreign Outsourcing

    A lot of SEO companies still just outsource all their work to foreign countries. Hiring non-native English speakers to do SEO work is a disaster waiting to happen.

How Good SEO Works

With constant changes to the Google algorithm modern SEO is increasingly technical, with over 200 factors influencing ranking ability.

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    Great On-Site Optimization

    On-site counts for roughly 30-40% of local ranking. This includes: silo structure, XML sitemaps, metatags, schema markup, local information, and a host of other ranking factors.

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    Awesome Content

    Content is king. Great content builds your brand’s authority. Content is the gateway to more leads, more sales and true authority.

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    Off-Page SEO

    Off-page optimization refers to the number of backlinks coming to your website. The higher the quality of backlinks the more “SEO Juice” will be directed towards your website. More links = better rankings.

Social Media and Paid Advertising

We have only just entered into the early stages of social media advertising.  Facebook advertising allows customers to be targeted like never before.  Google PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising also offers keyword specific advertising. 

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    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook advertising offers the most flexible form of advertising to date. Customers are targeted via demo/psychographics. The ROI on Facebook is huge.

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    Google PPC Advertising

    Target keyword specific terms to find customers who are looking for your products. The first step in good PPC is research. Finding exactly what customer are searching for.

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    Content Syndication Networks

    IFTTT networks allow you to syndicate all your blog content through high domain authority websites creating natural backlinks and auto updating syndication networks.

Why Hire a Fort Collins SEO Expert?

We can describe SEO as the umbrella term for all the techniques used to enhance your website’s visibility on search engine results pages also known as SERPs. It includes all the behind-the-scene professional practices known as on-page SEO and the off-page approaches that include social media marketing and link-building that can be used to improve your page’s visibility; (how high up your page appears on SERPs in organic results.)

Why you need SEO

With Google increasingly paying attention to visitors’ user experience on websites, everyone needs these basic SEO to improve site rankings. Most website visitors don’t go past these first two pages hence the need to improve your site’s navigation, architecture, and ease of use both for human users and web crawling robots. Search engines contribute up to 64% of site traffic compared to the 6% from paid searches and 2% from social media sites. With this, you have a clear indicator why you need to optimize your site for the search engines.

What search engines look for:

1. Relevancy

Search engines keep improving, and refining search results for the search queries to provide the user the best possible results. For this reason, your site should have relevant contents for specific categories and location-based queries. By using advanced algorithms, search engines refine the search results to best answer the user’s questions and search queries.

2. Content Quality

By regularly publishing relevant, helpful articles, videos, and other supported media, you are on track to optimizing your site. By writing the articles for actual human beings, and not just search engines, Google will recognize this as an indicator of site quality. Google is moving towards longer-form content by understanding the user’s intent rather than just relying on keywords. This is where the quality of content comes in heavily; focus more on user experience than keywords.

3 User Experience

When you design an easy-to-navigate site which is clearly searchable, users will find the site easy to use so will the search engines. Having adequate internal linkages within site will make using your site enjoyable therefore making visitors spend more time on the site.

4 Site Speed

If you’re trying to rank top position for any term in Fort Collins then site speed is a must. This is a measure of how fast your site loads. There are a lot of elements when it comes to site speed and Market Monkey can help you understand what on page elements need to be redone to increase speed.

5. Cross-Device Compatibility

Ensure you optimize the website for use on any device especially mobile devices. A responsive design will give your site a head start in the race for the first page.

6. Internal Linking

By doing relevant internal linking, you provide your visitors with further reading options relevant to what they are currently reading which improves your site ranking for certain keywords and helps the crawlers quickly index your site. For example if your site is about Fort Collins Dog Groomers, then make sure to link to multiple other pages about activities and events happening in Fort Collins.

7.  Authority

By building trust among your users and the industry, you increase the ranking of your site significantly. You can achieve this too by linking to an authority site which will appear like a vote of confidence. Combining these quality links with high-quality content will make your site an authority too. Local authority in the Fort Collins area is also important too.

8. Meta Descriptions

These are short paragraphs appearing under the page URL. Even though meta descriptions won’t improve your site ranking, it helps increase the chances of a user clicking on the link.

Don’t forget the title tag; this is what tells the search engine what the site is all about in short terms, and as accurately as possible. Use relevant and correct keywords in the title tag to help improve your site optimization, therefore, a rise in rankings.

9. Schema Markup

Use schema markup in your HTML to make your search result appear attractive among the rest. This is a great way to turn your search results into a great playground with star-ratings, images, customer ratings among other helpful information. It is straight forward and is the most preferred by search engines.

10. Properly Tagging Images

Most people forget or don’t see the importance of including image tags when they upload pictures. It is crucial and should not be overlooked at all since, without the alt attribute, the search engine will not be able to see your image. By accurately describing your image in the alt text, you increase the chances of it appearing in Google images in the search results. For example all local images should be tagged – Fort Collins + keyword.

11. Evergreen Content

Publish materials that will help the audience for a long time to come instead of gossip and irrelevant news that will expire in a few days or months. Thoughtful, practical advice and how-to articles will create long term traffic, therefore, make your site rank higher.

12. Your Domain

To have good overall site architecture, consider using sub-directory root domains instead of subdomains. Avoid hyphens in your domain names as much as possible. Also, avoid the alternative top level domains like .info, .name and .biz as they are considered spam sites.

If operating a site without the www, be sure that those who type the prefix still get redirected to your site or else Google may consider them two different websites, therefore, compromising your SEO efforts.

13. Headlines and Permalinks

Use short article headlines with less than 55 characters to make them completely visible on SERPs. Use snappy, attractive and fully descriptive titles. Don’t bait the users by promising anything that is not in the content.

Your permalinks should also be as accurate and descriptive as possible. Use three to four keywords with the most important one first.


Keep your comment system active to encourage a community of commenters to engage actively and dialogue under your post. Google will regard this as user interest in the content, therefore, increasing its ranking. Just be very keen on spam comments either by strictly filtering or quickly removing those that escapes the filter.

15. Local SEO

Google has increased its interest in serving local contents based on user location. This is one of the SEO Essentials that has helped businesses reach customers in their area. Consider registering with Google My Business and update all the relevant information like customer reviews, contacts, opening times and correctly categorize your business. Post locally relevant content in the Fort Collins area to help boost your site ranking for that locality.

16 Social

The social media is a non-technical means of increasing your site awareness and is very easy to implement. Be present in every social media your target audience may be. By genuinely interacting with customers, you give a face to the information you provide and brings you closer to your audience. Social signals have a strong correlation with search engine ranking.

SEO Agency Essentials for Fort Collins

Here are a few SEO Essentials to help you know what may negatively affect your ranking

1. Keyword Stuffing

When you overuse keywords on your page contents, the readability will be affected therefore lowering the content quality. Additionally, it is debatable if Google still uses keywords to optimize search rankings.

2. Link buying/ too much link exchanging

It is not worth buying links from a link farm anymore. Instead, get a few valuable links from authority sites in your niche.

3. Annoying Ads

Having anything annoying or intruding to the reader in your website will work to your disadvantage when it comes to ranking. They also lower the site speed.

4. Mobile App

By presenting your visitors with an advert to download your app, Google will conclude that your site is not mobile-friendly hence lowering your ranking.

5. Duplicated Content

Ensure there is no site copying your content; likewise, don’t duplicate contents from other locations since Google will index only one of the pages containing the identical contents. This can significantly harm your SEO efforts. Be aware of the scraper sites that steal web content then republish as their own.

6 Hidden Text and Links

We against ranking manipulations like using white text on a white background, setting the font to zero, positioning text off-screen or hiding links in a single character, for example, in a full-stop or a comma. Google will find these out and punish you for them, therefore, lowering your ranking on SERPs.


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